Principal Investigator


Dr. Alexis pasulka


  • B.S., Arizona State University (Biology)

  • Ph.D., Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego (Biological Oceanography)

  • Postdoc, California Institute of Technology (Microbial Ecology and Geobiology)




I'm excited to be part of the Pasulka Lab for my master's work. My research focuses on characterizing the response of marine phytoplankton to various stressors using ‘omic approaches. I received my BA in Biology from Occidental College. During my undergraduate I conducted research in microbial symbiosis and marine environmental monitoring for the Symbiosis Laboratory and Vantuna Research Group, respectively. Before starting the master's at Cal Poly, I worked in sexual violence prevention and education in Los Angeles developing educational programs and providing direct advocacy to survivors for two years. When I'm not in lab or out at sea, I find peace listening to records, hiking and traveling. 

Undergraduate Students