Links to data and publications included below

Viral nanoSIMS measurements and production estimates using Viral-BONCAT (Data available on GitHub)

           Publication: Pasulka et al. 2018 - Interrogating marine virus‐host interactions and elemental transfer with BONCAT
           and nanoSIMS‐based methods

Folliculinid ciliate (18S rRNA) and associated microbial community (16S rRNA and pMMO) sequence data (Hosted by GenBank - KX012915-KX012922; KU896787-KU8986789; KX021875-KX021877)

Publication: Pasulka et al. 2017 - Colonial Tube-Dwelling Ciliates Influence Methane Cycling and Microbial Diversity within Methane Seep Ecosystems

Hydrate Ridge 18S rRNA Microbial Eukaryote Illumina Sequencing Data (Hosted by NCBI SRA: SRP061572 - LINK)

Publication: Pasulka et al. 2016 - Microbial eukaryotic distributions and diversity patterns in a deep-sea methane seep ecosystem

Hydrate Ridge 16S rRNA Microbial Illumina Sequencing Data (Hosted by NCBI SRA: SRP055767 and SRP049675)

Publication: Case and Pasulka et al. 2015 - Methane Seep Carbonates Host Distinct, Diverse, and Dynamic Microbial Assemblages

CCE LTER - 2008 Process Cruise (P0810) Biological and Oceanographic Data (Hosted by DataZoo - LINK)

Publication: Pasulka et al. 2015 - Grazer and viral impacts on microbial growth and mortality in the southern California Current Ecosystem

San Diego Coastal Expedition Oceanographic Data (Hosted by BCO-DMO: hydrographic data - LINK; profile data - LINK)

Publications: Maloney et al. 2015 - Transpressional segment boundaries in strike-slip fault systems offshore southern California: Implications for fluid expulsion and cold seep habitats; Grupe et al. 2015 - Methane seep ecosystem functions and services from a recently discovered southern California seep; Nam et al. 2015 - Seasonal advection of Pacific Equatorial Water alters oxygen and pH in the Southern California Bight

Hawaii Ocean Time-series (LINK)

Publication: Pasulka et al. 2013 - Temporal dynamics of phytoplankton and heterotrophic protists at station ALOHA


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